• Williston Union Meeting September 28th 7:00 PM – Monthly union meeting at the Williston Training Center full calendar
  • Minot Union Meeting October 31st 7:00 PM – Monthly Union Meeting @ Minot Hall full calendar
  • Bismarck Union Meeting November 1st 7:00 PM – Monthly union meeting at the Bismarck Hall full calendar
  • Williston Union Meeting November 2nd 7:00 PM – Monthly union meeting at the Williston Training Center full calendar
  • Minot Union Meeting November 28th 7:00 PM – Monthly Union Meeting @ Minot Hall full calendar


New! SupportLinc Member Assistance Program 

Managing work and your home life can sometimes be a challenge. We are pleased to announce that SupportLinc Member Assistance Program (MAP) is available with emotional wellbeing and work-life balance resources to keep you at your best. Administered by Dakotas Healthcare, the program offers guidance to help you address and resolve everyday issues at no cost to you or your family. Features include: 

  • In-the-moment support. A licensed clinician answers 24/7/365 when you call for assistance with work-related pressures, depression, stress, anxiety, grief, relationships, substance abuse, or other concerns.
  • Short-term counseling. Members and their immediate family may also receive up to three (3) counseling sessions, in-person or via video.
  • Legal consultation. Receive a free, 30-minute legal consultation with a local attorney by phone or in-person.
  • Convenience resources. Knowledgeable specialists provide referrals to resources that help address a wide range of challenges such as child or elder care, adoption, pet care, home repair, education, and housing needs.
  • Financial expertise. Consultation and planning with an experienced financial professional is available, providing pressure-free, personalized guidance until your issue is resolved.
  • Technology. Resources include the web portal, eConnect® mobile app, Textcoach® text therapy, video or web-based counseling, the Amino self-guided behavioral health platform, and Virtual Support Connect, an anonymous chat-based group support sessions.
  • Burnout resources. Take advantage of modules, courses, and articles that help identify the root causes of burnout, recognize which stress-inducing factors are within your control, and develop an action plan for effectively managing stress at work and at home.
  • Text/email counseling. Members can use the Mental Health Navigator tool on a desktop or mobile device to complete a short assessment and receive personalized guidance for accessing program support and resources.
  • Health tools. The WellBeing Place provides you with a wide array of tips, tools, and resources to improve your overall health and well-being.
  • Sleep fitness tool kit. This is designed to help you learn good sleep habits and achieve healthy sleep.

The SupportLinc program also provides you with resources to assist with supervision, including:

  • Management consultation. Receive confidential coaching to help address difficult situations such as work performance, attendance problems, workplace violence, substance abuse, and other related topics, as well as guidance for supporting an employee in need.
  • Formal Management Referral (FMR). Activate a referral directly into the program to assist an employee whose work performance has declined due to personal problems or impairments.

All requests for information or assistance through the SupportLinc program are no-cost and strictly confidential. You can reach SupportLinc 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whenever needed – wherever is most convenient. Click here for more information!

OSHA 10 or 30 (AZCO Calls)

AZCO is requiring the current OSHA 10 or 30 (within 3 years) for their job calls.  In order to take one of their calls, you must provide the hall with a copy of your current OSHA card or certificate before taking the call.

OSHA - 10

Now is the time to update your OSHA 10 if your card is not within the last 3 years.  We have had a few job calls that require OSHA 10 which has to be registered on the ECCS listing before you can be on site.  

EVITP - Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program

Anyone interested in the Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program can take the course and be reimbursed upon completion. Contact the Dakota's JATC 701-297-5934


Please be sure to keep paid-up on your death benefit payments. They are due as soon as you receive the notice of someone’s death. If you wish to do so you can pay ahead on these also.

The number on your envelope is the number you are paid up to. The number next to the members name is the number we are currently at for the death benefit claims.

We are trying to pay the death benefit claims in a timely manner. 

If you have any questions or need to know how many you owe for, call either of the halls at: (701) 852-3025 (Minot) or (701) 258-6370 or (701) 500-0887 (Bismarck).